Case Study

Berth 4 – Revetment Toe Protection Works 


 Maritime Constructions was engaged by Flinders Ports to dredge Outer Harbor Berth 4 to a declared depth of -14.2m CD to allow passage of vessels of 80,000DWT and greater into Berth 4. This was required as part of the conversion of Berth 4 into a fuel unloading facility.

During the dredging works it was apparent that deepening the berthing pocket was compromising the stability of the sloping revetment wall under the existing timber wharf.

In order to facilitate the increased dredge depth without compromising the stability of the existing revetment wall, Maritime Constructions were engaged by Flinders Ports to design and construct a 327m long submerged retaining (combi) wall to stabilise the existing revetment wall.


Scope of work

Design of revetment toe retaining wall;

  • Remove existing fenders, fender piles and related support structures along length of wharf;

  • Remove outer edge of the timber wharf (decking, joists and steel crossheads);

  • Fabrication of combi-wall components; including pile guides and pile driving dollies designed in-house;

  • Install over 300 x 508Ø combi wall piles and 82 sheet piles; all driven to 8.2m below Chart Datum;

  • Installation of 610Ø fender piles as part of the revetment retaining wall;

  • Remove and dispose slumped revetment materials (rocks and debris) prior to installing the retaining wall

  • Dredging of Berth 4 to -14.2m Chart Datum



Client Organisation

Flinders Ports, Port Adelaide SA




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