Case Study

Lake Albert Spoil Treatment and Channel Preparation Project, Emergency Dredging Services

This project consists of dredging estuarine pre-dredged material (spoil) and relocating it to a designated deep water site situated in Lake Alexandrina.
The spoil was left behind from a previous emergency channel deepening project and being potentially acidic, may cause environmental harm.

Equipment mobilised for this project included a cutter suction dredge, floating booster pump and a specially configured and manned diffuser barge which will ensure the spoil is distributed evenly over the lake floor within the confine of a silt containment curtain.

The existing channel was also deepened / widened to facilitate fresh water pumping into Lake Albert.

Scope of work

• Relocate the existing spoil (approximately 65,000 m3) in the narrows between Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert;
• Disposal of spoil at a defined location in the deeper waters of Lake Alexandrina (approx 2 Km from the spoil location);
• Supply, installation and maintenance of a silt curtain surrounding the disposal location, and;
• Supply, installation and maintenance of buoys to mark disposal areas and exclusion zones.

Client Organisation

River Murray Infrastructure, Water Resources Program Division, Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (DWLBC)

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