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Jetty Works � Elizabeth Quay Waterfront Redevelopment Project



The Perth Waterfront Redevelopment is a $2.6 billion project that will revitalise central Perth, covering nearly 10 hectares of prime riverfront land between Barrack and Williams streets in the heart of the city.


The Perth Waterfront Project, named Elizabeth Quay, includes a number of forward works, such as the Jetty Works in preparation of the main project.  The Jetty Works comprises the reconfiguration of the existing Barrack Street Ferry Terminals, which comprises of the construction of three new jetty fingers to Jetty 1, extension of Jetty 5 and demolition of Jetty 6.


WA�s Planning Minister announced the award of the Jetty Works contract to Maritime Constructions on 2 August 2012.




Scope of work

  • Undertake dilapidation survey of existing structures and infrastructure;

  • Conduct underwater vibration monitoring;

  • Drive CHS steel jetty, fender and turning piles;

  • Construct 3 new concrete deck finger jetties and wave screens to existing Jetty 1;

  • Construct new concrete deck extension to Jetty 5;

  • Install all new fender piles, fender systems and associated fittings;

  • Construction of new storage shed on Jetty 5;

  • Demolition of existing Jetty 6, including removal of piles;

  • Installation and commissioning of water, fire, power and sullage services;

  • Installation and commissioning of new fuel lines and related services, and;

  • Install new cathodic protection system and corrosion protection system




Client Organisation


Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) Perth WA




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