Wyndham Port

Wyndham Port

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Wyndham Port Fender Upgrade

Australia's northernmost town "Wyndham" is situated in the East Kimberley region approximately 3440 km north east of Perth.

The Wyndham Port Jetty was constructed entirely of timber in 1917. In the 1960's the original jetty was upgraded to a steel pile structure with a timber deck, followed by an upgrade to a concrete deck in the 1970's.

This time also saw an upgrade to the fender system which consisted to a combination of steel fender piles and walers with timber logs. As a result of this upgrade the jetty was capable of berthing vessels with up to a 26,000 tonne displacement.

In 2011, Maritime Constructions was contracted to undertake a further upgrade to this fendering system to increase the capacity of the jetty to berth vessels up to 34,000 tonne displacement.

Wyndham's 8.7m tide presented a unique challenge. Project specific staging was designed and fabricated in-house to ensure consistent access to the berth face. The custom designed two level staging allowed work to continue in all states of tide and resulted in a significant saving in time and hence cost to the client.

The provision of a secure working platform ensured the Maritime Constructions boilermakers conducting installation works could perform high quality welding.


Scope of work

The scope of works was as follows:

  • demolition of existing fender system for the entire length of the jetty berthing face (approx. 320m);
  • installation of hinges (pin joints) in the existing top waler beam (to fit larger cone fenders);
  • replacement of a section of lower waler beam bent in a ship collision;
  • replacement of the existing fender units with dual fender units;
  • installation of new steel chafer beams with rubbing strips (facing pads);
  • associated steel packers, modifications to jetty steelwork and reinstatement of protective coatings;
  • replacement of 60m of electrical walkway below wharf; and
  • refurbishment of high level trolley used to obtain access to underside of the jetty.


Client Organisation

Department of Transport, Western Australia
URS Australia (Superintendents Representative)

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